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Jalani Kumkum is made in a very traditional manner, we keep in mind our client's traditional values and ethics.

Jalani Kumkum Family

We Understand the Values and Morals of Your Believe in God, that’s why we are one of the Best Kumkum Manufacturers in India.

Jalani Kumkum Family

Unscented Raw Incense Sticks Manufacturers

Unscented Raw Incense Sticks Manufacture

Unscented Raw Incense Sticks Manufacturers

Jalani Traders provides the best raw material for Agarbatti making. India is one of the top incense producing countries and exports in many countries. Incense or Agarbatti burning is a very old tradition in India. This tradition has been passed on to many other Asian countries like China, Japan etc. Jalani Agarbatti is the most popular Agarbatti in India. It is a best smelling Agarbatti in India.

Agarbatti Raw Material

The two main ingredients in order to make an Agarbatti are bamboo stick and paste. This paste is generally made from Cow Dung, Saw Dust, Charcoal Dust, Gum Powder etc. The adhesive is made from the bark of litsea glutinosa and some other trees. The perfume ingredient which is the most important part of any Agarbatti can be in a powder or liquid form. Moreover, it is mainly in a liquid form, in a form of essential oil or perfume. The traditional way of making an Agarbatti is by making a paste and pasting it with a bamboo stick, and then it is kept under the sun rays to dry for 3 to 4 days. Then once it gets dry it is dipped in a liquid scented solution from which it gets its fragrance.

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